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Introducing Claude 3: Anthropic’s New AI Model Family

Anthropic has just announced the release of Claude 3, a new family of large language models that set new benchmarks for AI capabilities across a wide range of cognitive tasks. The lineup includes three powerful models – Claude 3 Haiku,…

clock on desk to represent time management

23 Time Management Tips for Busy Business Owners

As a business owner, time is your most precious commodity. Every minute spent inefficiently is a minute lost that could have been devoted to growing your business, serving customers, or spending time with family. Effective time management is crucial for…

Someone sharing their affiliate link with friends

27 Simple Ways to Share an Affiliate Link in 2024

As an affiliate marketer, sharing your affiliate links effectively is the key to driving traffic, generating leads, and maximizing your earnings. While some methods are tried-and-true classics, others are innovative approaches that leverage the power of modern technology and social…

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